My name is Elijah Zarezky and I'm glad to see you on my personal web page. To learn that has occurred here lately, you may go to the News section. The main purpose of the existence of this site was (and while there is) a granting for unlimited by time and place accessing to the training course on programming Windows-based applications in C and C++, generated “on materials” of my teaching activity. Actually, the idea of creating a such resource belongs to one of the students for whom, in the first place, all this was done, so that in any case it is not about trying to compete with giants like RSDN or The Code Project. The topics of the course are located in the Lectures section, which is updated and supplemented as soon as I get free time.

The Projects section is dedicated to my little works that are intended for the “home usage”; also there it is possible to find sources of the libraries which are makes life of the Windows-programmer much simpler. At desire, you can freely borrow any code written by me which you will find in this section; conditions of use of a code of other developers are located, as a rule, in comments in corresponding source files.

Finally, in the section called Favorites I've placed links to resources and applications that are interesting to me; perhaps, some of them will also be interesting to you (in advance I warn — all references are opening in a new browser window).

Almost all pages on this site are in Russian; unfortunately, at present moment I have not enough time and knowledge to properly translate each of them from Russian into English. But below you may find the list of translated pages that are already available:

Attention: to correctly display the pages on this site in the form in which they were prepared by the author, it is necessary that in the operating system you use were installed fonts, Verdana (included in the standard Windows™ distribution) and DejaVu Sans Mono; as browser is recommended to use the one that most fully supports the standards XHTML 1.0 and CSS2 — for example, Firefox version 3.0.x and above, Opera version 7.x-10.x, or Internet Explorer version 8.

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